Hot Sauce Crew

This is the blog of three Toronto DJs who love music and who want to share their latest obsessions with you.

Shingo Shimizu, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer by day, has also done countless artworks for house parties and events in the Toronto scene. Most notable of these are for Milk, Uproc, HotStepper Productions. As a house DJ, he mixes the vibe up with all parts of the house spectrum: Jazz, Disco, Space Disco, Detroit techno, new wave, or whatever to keep it interesting. Lately, he’s got dubstep on heavy rotation. To learn more about Shingo, visit his website or follow him on Twitter. His favourite hot sauce is: Sriracha sauce (the one with the rooster).

MissRuckus started DJing after years of pushing (unmixed) mixtapes on unsuspecting friends, and finally deciding that her mixtape prowess would be much improved if she could mix the tracks together. Over the years, MissRuckus has been known to throw down eclectic selections, from the organic to the electronic to the polyrhythmic to the 4-on-the-floor to the deep & funky and all the way back again… but these days, it’s mainly the electronic end of the spectrum that keeps her most inspired. Her hot sauce loyalties lie with tương ớt, aka Sriracha.

urbansteve is a vibe creator, mind elevator, big tune instigator. urbansteve is a sonic emancipator, bass-bin resonator, riddim detonator, beat calibrator, movement syncopator, good times accentuator. urbansteve is deep, dubby, dark, dirty tech-house and detroit some nights and funky-afro-roots-rock-reggae other nights…truly a warm groove-centric eclectic originator…catch y’all lata!  Oh and his favourite hot sauce is Grace Hot Pepper Sauce.

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Tương ớt